Strength & conditioning


For athletes looking for a competitive edge that can be translated into the field, track and court, Dynamo Performance offers comprehensive strength and conditioning programs.

We apply scientific knowledge to train athletes for the primary goal of improving physical and athletic performance. Our Strength and Conditioning training sessions consist of dynamic sets of compound exercises involving the use of a variety of resistance, tools and routines targeting the upper, lower, and core muscles. These workouts are designed based on scientific knowledge and sport-specific testing aiming to maximize strength, agility, speed, power, flexibility, and fitness while helping reduce the incidence of injury or aiding rehabilitation.


• Each workout contains a strength training and a conditioning component

When working with an athlete or a team, we understand the specific needs of each sport and tailor our workouts to be safe and effective.

• Functional & Core exercises

Total body workouts optimize both time and energy so that the athlete achieves and maintains the fitness level required to enhance his or her sports performance.

• Static & Dynamic Flexibility improvements

Helps maintain the important balance between stationary movements such as squats, two-leg stance, and one-leg stance, and dynamic movements such as zigzag and backward movements.

• Lateral & Linear training

Improves the ability and agility of the athlete to perform multiple movements required for his or her sports performance.

• Explosive Strength

Strength training for many sports requires the ability to go from a rest position to an explosive display of force in fractions of time; therefore, precise exercises are designed to improve this function

• Speed-Agility-Quickness drills

These drills are designed to improve the physical and mental ability and efficiency of the athlete to respond automatically to the demands of his or her sport